our passion is traveling and exploring

                                                                         The NEW RESERVATION SYSTEM

     A.   To hold a reservation, we'll need complete information for everyone attending.

     B.   Once you make a reservation, you will have Two Weeks to mail a $10. (Ten Dollar) NON-Refundable Deposit, per person - per trip, to keep your reservation for a Day Trip.  If JKL TOURS does not receive a deposit, your reservation will automatically cancel.

     C.   The Deposit for an overnight trip is $50. (Fifty Dollars) per person.

NOTE - If JKL TOURS cancels the trip for any reason, you will get ALL your money back.

IF YOU need to cancel your participation for any reason, you will forfeit your deposit.

     D.   WAITLISTS - because of our success, we have had waitlists for trips.  There is no cost to hold your spot on a waitlist AND         quite often waitlist people do get called to go!

We are excited to offer this array of trips for the coming year.  Part of our success is our passion for creating new trips that offer excitement and provide an experience (and value) you are happy with.  Because of this, the real “SECRET” to our success is YOU! 

                        There is an amazing number of people who travel with us and share our trip information by “word-of-mouth” with friends, so they can enjoy the fun, companionship, value and camaraderie our trips provide.  We know you appreciate and enjoy the advantage of traveling with many wonderful people who join us to experience new adventures and for the security of traveling with our group.